It Saves On Electric Bills

If you’re facing rising electrical costs, solar-powered electricity can offer you a cost-saving alternative. It also eliminates your dependence on your lightning effective local utility company. Are you wondering if these panels work on cloudy days? No worries; the sun still emits energy[RADIATIONS] through clear and cloudy skies. Solar power offers year-round efficiency and savings, even in colder climates. Depending on the size of the system, its efficiency and how your home faces the sun, some solar panels actually generate more electricity than your home consumers.

Income tax benefits

For commercial and industrial users of electricity, the tax incentives offered on solar power plant by the Government of India are quite attractive, and sustainable reality. To encourage the adoption of solar power by commercial and industrial users,Goal offers accelerated depreciation of capital assets associated with solar power plant. The current rate of acceleration which can be claimed in a year is 40%.

Cost of going solar has dropped

The cost of solar power has dropped dramatically in recent years. Many home owners who are planning to sell power in a few years, could make a smart investment by retrofitting with solar panels today. benefits are all are of very low maintenance, no moving parts to breakdown plus new designes have similar profits and sleek trims that blend much more seamlessly with traditional roofs.

It benefits the environment

Global climate change is a growing concern, Solar power reduces reliance on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are used to create electricity, they produce harmful gas emission that effect the safety of air ,water and soil. In contrast, solar energy produces no pollution. The sun’s power offers an ultimate source of energy that does not strip the landscape or harm the ozone layer. Solar energy systems represents an investment in the future of planet, conserving non-sustainable energy sources and protecting the environment for the next generation.

It increases fuel independence

Domestic oil reserves continue to decline by time, so alternative energy resources are becoming more important than ever. Solar power reduces the nation’s critical reliance on foreign oil, which is subject to dramatic cost fluctuations, and diminishes the risk of power shortages caused by disruptions in overseas oil supplies. Considering converting to solar power, with sun-run, you can choose to only pay for the solar power, not the solar panels, so you can save 20% on your electricity bill. get your free solar quote today itself.

Today’s care becomes TOMORROW’S ASSETS

     World is travelling through a revolutionizing and praisable great idea of utilization of natural energy resources. We must keep extreme enthusiasm in using Solar energy as our future energy resources. We must promote the use of such natural replenishable resources as to protect our mother earth, a friendly place of several living beings. To meet the demands of the daily increasing requirements, most of the time we hurts the natural inhabitants ignoring mainly the nature imprinted energy resources like solar energy. We take this opportunity to bring your attention that solar energy is one among such non exhaustible energy resources and it is pollution free. No doubt that the whole attempts to utilize solar energy will be an asset for the future.