On-grid solar system components
  •   Solar Panels
  •   DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter
  •   Protection Devices and Solar cables
  •   Solar Panel1000 Mounting system

    Failure in any of the components will stops your solar power generation. Low performance of any components will reduce solar power generation. For long term performance cost benefit we should select high performance long life components.

How To Find Good Solar  Panel
Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer

The solar panel manufacturers need to be recognized Tier 1 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (the most common Tier ranking system) as a financially strong, hugely experienced, and worldwide brand.

Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers are vertically integrated

“Vertically integrated” means that the solar panel manufacturer produces every individual piece of the module from the solar panel frame to the solar photovoltaic cells. This implies that the solar panel manufacturer controls every production process from the ground up. Using parts from other companies can affect the quality of solar PV panels over time.

Tier 1 panel manufacturers invest heavily in research & development (R&D)

Tier 1 panel manufacturers invest heavily in research & development (R&D) to stay at the forefront of technology. Such companies have the best products.

Tier 1 panel manufacturers use automated manufacturing techniques

Tier 1 panel manufacturers use automated manufacturing processes to remove the potential for human error during the production process. This ensures a standard level of quality while also in many cases saving money on production costs.

Tier 1 panel manufacturers should have a consistent history of at least five years of producing solar PV panels

An additional criterion for being considered as a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer is that the company must have been producing solar panels for a minimum of 5 years.

Low temperature coeffient solar panel

Just as with any other electronic equipment, solar panel performance does decline as they get hot. Thus, warmer temperatures will always means less output for PV cells, and this loss is quantified in a “temperature coefficient” by panel manufacturers, which varies from model to model. Percentage of output power loss per each degree rise will be less for low temperature coefficient solar panel.

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How to find good solar inverter
High Efficiency Inverter

High Efficiency Inverter will reduce conversion losses and provide maximum output.

Inverter with multiple input MPPT

Multiple input MPPTwill reduce conduction losses in wires as current is divided to multiple chanels. Each array is connected to separate MPPT in the inverter. It will avoid losses due to shading effect as shaded array will not disturb power flow from other arrays.

Inverter with low voltage operation

Inverters which starts power generation will provide more power output in cloudy and low solar radiation weather conditions.

Service Support

Select inverter with proper service support

How to find good Protection Devices and  Solar cables
  •  Branded switches with sufficient voltage and current      levels.
  •   High Quality SPD with sufficient energy rating.
  •  High Quality wires with sufficient current rating rated      for solar application.
  •   Proper Earthing.
How to find good Solar Mounting system
Use Solid Structure or hot dipped for long life

GI pipes will rust very fast especially in coastal areas as inside area steel is exposed to air. Solid structures or hot dipped pre fabricated structures will not rust as whole surface area is protected and will last long.