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Low Harmonic Active Ip 5-10KVA


  •  Brand : Libra
  •  Item : Active Input PFC ONLINE UPS
  •  Model : AG PFC101
  •  Type : Low Harmonic Online UPS
  •  Capacity : 5KVA - 10KVA
  •  Availability : In stock


  •  Active Boost PFC converter
  •  Predictive analysis technology
  •  Using GSM Interface
  •  Remote Management
  •  Event Login
  •  IGBT Inverter/ Converter
  •  Self Test
  •  Isolation Transformer
  •  Mains Synchronised
  •  Auto Bypass
  •  Option To Select Dc Voltage
  •  DSP Technology
  •  Active Boost Topology
  •  SNMP Comparitable
  •  True RMS Reading
  •  Status Display
  •  Event Loging
TECHNOLOGY Double conversion with the latest MPWM technology using APFC 5KVA -10KVA
MODEL AG PFC101, Solar compatible
RATING 1⊘ Input - 1⊘ Output
DC BUS 5KVA / 6KVA / 7.5KVA / 10KVA
Input Voltage 230VAC, 1⊘
Input Voltage Window 170VAC - 270VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
Power walk in Soft start for 0-20 seconds power walk-in
Input PFC 0.99 on full load
Input current harmonic distortion (THDI) <7% @ 100% load
Voltage Regulation (±) 1%
Ripple Voltage <2% without Battery
Battery SMF
Charger Type CCCV
Charging Current Standard 0-10A
Inverter Type IGBT based MPWM with instantaneous sinewave control
Power Factor 0.8 lag
Nominal Voltage 230V/50Hz
Regulation (±) 1%
Total Harmonic Linear Load <2%
Total Harmonic Non Linear Load <4%
Over Load Capacity 125%-1 Minute : 150% 10 Seconds
Transient Response Output remains
Efficiency 100% load >85-90%
Crest Factor 3:1
Mode of Operation Designed for continuous operation
Isolation True online with complete galvanic isolation for comprehensive Power protection
LCD Display shows the following parameters Input Voltage. Output Voltage. Load percentage.Output Frequency. Battery Voltage
Fault status display with latch Mains on. Charger on. Inverter on. Battery low. Overload. Inverter Trip
Protections Advanced Electronic protection for device safety, backed up with MCB’s / MCCB’s & fast
acting fuses. High speed pulse by pulse
electronic device protection. Electronic
over current trip with reset. Input under
Voltage / Over Voltage. Rectifier over voltage.
Over Temperature. Over load. Battery low.
Short circuit. High voltage transient
protection & ESD protection as per IEC 62040-2
Alarms Input low/fail.output Overload.Over temperature.Battery low
Enclosure Protection IP-20
Cooling Forced air
Acoustic Noise level <60db @ 1.5 meter
Operating ambient Temperature 0 to 40ºC
Humidity Up to 95% RH Non condensing
Dimension in mm DxHxW wt.in Kg 550*550*200/55Kgs Upto7.5KVA. 600*650*240/70Kgs for 10KVA
Altitude <3000 feet above sea level ( with out derating )